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Made My Mind Up

2010-02-08 01:22:13 by Dillonness

Ive just decided from not being able to make "Good" or even decent animation but have good story telling I am just going to be doing story telling with a little bit of animation with them.

New Programs

2009-12-18 04:30:52 by Dillonness

Ive started to look for better programs to do my animation's on so untill that happen's im not making anymore animation's

Zombie'z Apocalypse

2009-11-18 15:41:20 by Dillonness

Ive removed the worst animation ive ever done, and now i am remaking it to a better standard


2009-10-25 03:18:32 by Dillonness

I Dont start or continue any flash film during the week beacuse of shcool (GAY) and most weekends i wont be able to becuase of the homework.

So most films will take weeks to be releast